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Updating old bathroom mirrors

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Together they'll be so bold you'll forget about not being able to paint the ceiling black.Or, if you're feeling particularly gutsy (and want to spend the dough) experiment with temporary wallpaper. Jackie Cruthirds: Oh, wow, I have never ever seen this wallpaper before. Back downstairs, Jackie and Allen finally have the paper coming off the walls, and it seems to be going fairly well. You could probably duct tape it, but the twist tie works just as well. But knowing that you you’re putting up a crown, I assume you’re definitely going to need a little of that. Danny Lipford: Hey, you left yesterday saying that you had an idea on how to kind of trim all of this little awkward part. Jackie Cruthirds: Why don’t we cut more rolls of this and just… I’m going to vent it here and it’s just going to be a short run going straight to the outside. So you want to hold it up there, and we’re going to hold it— the bag—in place with just a twist tie. We've got the creative things you CAN do to make your bathroom better!Get the most bang for your buck by splurging on the powerful color combination (and stuff you can take with you when you move) of bold shower curtain and colorful art, in wall collage or giant oversize form.Here's Amanda to tell you all about her tricks for removing a builder grade mirror: Hello, I am Amanda and I blog at mommy is coocoo. I am a design lover, DIY'er and addicted to trash-to-treasure transformations.I am most known for my EASY to Understand Chevron Stripe Tutorial.

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Instead of figuring out a way to make it work, we just ripped out the entire medicine cabinet and decided to hang the mirror normally.So I decided that the mirror would be replaced with something taller & more unique.But it was just a wee bit too wide to swing on the existing hinge.If you're going to be replacing your builder grade mirror, consider doing what Amanda did and using it somewhere else in your bathroom or home.Large mirrors aren't cheap, and a big mirror can add so much light and depth to any room., we’re transforming a 40-year-old bathroom with a tiny budget and hoping to make big changes. It all depends on what you like and the budget you have to work with. I hope I don’t break anything, I’m pretty good at that. And you’ll see it’ll start coming out a lot cleaner. Allen Lyle: You know, I’ve had helpers before, but never, never had this…