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If there’s a “type” you look for in a prospective date–if you use some checklist of desired traits you want in a romantic relationship–University of Texas at Austin researcher Paul Eastwick has two words of advice for you: “Stop it.” That’s what he told me when we recently met in San Diego while attending the Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s annual convention.

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In this study it was found that during rest at sea level, the haemoglobin oxygen saturation, as measured by pulse oxymetry, is slightly higher in women than in men (98.6 (SD 1.1)% versus 97.9 (SD 0.9)%; p = 0.001).

These findings are consistent with other studies, which found gender differences in the transcutaneous or tissue Pa.

A list of Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) services, which provide advocacy and practical support services for survivors, can be found here.

The study of primary sex ratio adjustment in birds is notorious for inconsistency of results among studies.

nless specifically requested by the Department of Corrections or a community corrections agency, only persons no longer under supervision may be posted to the Oregon Predatory Sex Offender Inquiry System website.1.) While under supervision the person was determined to be a predatory sex offender as provided in ORS 181.585 AND notification of that under ORS 181.586 was made to someone other than the person's family.2.) The person's last primary supervising authority has notified the Department of State Police that the person was under a high level of supervision at the termination of the person's most recent period of supervision.

The Inquiry System is being updated to a classification system where only offenders with a Level 3 classification will be listed on this website.

In contrast to the simple prediction from sex allocation theory, we found that the overall proportion of male offspring did not differ between broods of UV-reduced and control-treated males. 2001), there are also many studies not providing any evidence for adaptive primary sex ratio variation, despite adequate sample sizes (e.g., Newton and Marquiss 1979; Koenig and Dickinson 1996; Westerdahl et al. (2004) were experimental; see also Komdeur and Pen 2002), and the inclusion of correlative studies giving post hoc adaptive explanations is likely to lead to type-I statistical errors, publication bias, and complications in the application of meta-analysis (Palmer 2000; Gurevitch et al. Furthermore, it is crucial to replicate key studies to evaluate the robustness and generality of the patterns found (Palmer 2000; Griffith et al. However, real replicates (i.e., replicates in the same species) of existing studies are scarce (Palmer 2000). (1999) found that the proportion of male offspring was positively correlated to natural variation in male crown UV reflectance.

The management of this database requires frequent and ongoing updates that reflect the removal of names of those no longer required to register, those now deceased, others that are moving from one community to another, etc..

Also required are regular updates for additions, modifications, and potential corrections. The Department of Corrections shall adopt by rule a sex offender risk assessment tool for use in classifying sex offenders based on the statistical likelihood that an individual sex offender will commit another sex crime.

Sex allocation theory has been very successful in explaining and predicting patterns of adaptive primary sex ratio variation especially in invertebrate taxa, for example, haplodiploid insects (Godfray and Werren 1997; West et al. However, when applied to primary sex ratio variation in vertebrates with chromosomal sex determination, such as birds, the explanatory success of sex allocation theory seems modest (Williams 1979; Clutton-Brock 1986; Krackow 2002; Ewen et al. However, although the results of many studies follow the predictions of sex allocation theory and therefore suggest adaptive primary sex ratio adjustment in several species of birds (e.g., Dijkstra et al. Blue tits mostly form socially monogamous pairs during breeding, but nevertheless, regularly engage in extrapair copulations leading to roughly 10% of all offspring being sired by an extrapair male (Kempenaers et al. Therefore, female blue tits paired to sexually attractive males are predicted to bias the sex ratio of their offspring towards sons because—given the option of pursuing extrapair matings—sons would benefit more than daughters from inheriting their father's attractiveness. (1999) to evaluate the robustness and generality of the intriguing combined effect of the UV manipulation and male premanipulation UV reflectance on offspring sex ratio.

Conversely, females paired to less attractive males should produce female-biased sex ratios as their sons may suffer from increased rates of cuckoldry (Sheldon et al. The ultraviolet (UV) reflectance of the bright blue crown feathers of male blue tits is an important cue in both social and extrapair mate choice (Andersson et al. Therefore, we reduced the crown UV reflectance of male blue tits before their mates had started egg laying and determined the resulting offspring sex ratios in 2 years, while closely following the experimental protocol of Sheldon et al. We tested 1) if overall sex ratio was more female biased for the UV reduced than for the control group as predicted by the Trivers and Willard (1973) hypothesis (Burley 1981) and 2) if the effect of the male UV treatment on sex ratio depended on UV reflectance before treatment as was found by Sheldon et al. We carried out the UV manipulation experiment in a nest-box population of blue tits in “De Vosbergen” (53°08′N, 06°35′E) near Groningen, the Netherlands, during the breeding seasons of 20.