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He died aged 91, and his epitaph on his grave stone reads, ' This world's a jest, and all things show it; I thought so once, but now I know it'.

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Factor in a tight-knit cadre of ambitious, successful people in the prime of life, a pressure-cooker environment, and enough recruiter-sponsored cocktails to irrigate the Gobi Desert, and nature is bound to take its course.

Unless you’re pretty permanently attached (by, say, a ring) to your pre-B-school honey, there’s a good chance you’ll break up a few months into your first term.

One writes, “No offense to the girls, but Northwestern is just not an attractive campus overall; guys and girls complain about it all the time.” Lest you think this is just Reddit stupidity, it’s not.

The alleged unattractiveness of Northwestern students is something that I’ve heard referenced many times.

CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi declined to comment on what Lathem said in the video, though CNN reported Lathem confessed to committing “the biggest mistake of my life,” and said the message had been encrypted. Lathem, a leading expert on the pathogens that cause the plague who had been on the Northwestern faculty since 2007, has not been seen since Cornell-Duranleau’s body was discovered in Lathem’s 10th-floor apartment on July 27.

A few years back one of Daily’s sex columnists pondered this issue. I know that’s circumstantial, but I think it’s still worthwhile to point out that some of us disagree.We can’t guarantee you’ll find true love, but based on extensive conversations with MBAs who’ve been there and, er, done that, we can make a few confident predictions about the dating scene you’ll face as a B-school student.“We called Thanksgiving of first year Black Thursday,” says Tracy Lawrence, 29, who graduated from Harvard Business School in 1999."One of the snarky sayings about UChicago is 'UChicago, where the squirrels are cuter than the girls and more aggressive than the guys.' Isn't that awful?So,why spend the weekend sitting at home alone when you could be hanging out with a bunch of fun loving singles from the area?Its OK to change your mind and UN-RSVP before the meetup at any time.If we are not doing the kinds of meetups you would like to see, please suggest meetups!