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And in true trademark style, it combined this digital paranoia with stargazing love stories, Haitian drums and punk idealism.All this followed adolescence-spanning epic ‘The Suburbs’ (2010), the death-embracing ‘Neon Bible’ (2007) and their clattering, classic debut ‘Funeral’ (2004).It flew in on Bruno's private jet for the funkiest, slickest visual of his career. As for any hopes for some duets, that's completely out of the question."I only have 9 tracks on the record," Bruno confirmed.“I’m not going to say that the album is dead, but I will say this is a formula that helps the artist keep their music current, and keeps the fan base from being satiated all at once and then waiting forever for the next album."I think the approach of compiling the album as you go and providing a musical surprise every few months is fantastic," Marks continues."It’s not a brand new model -- there are a lot of pop and hip-hop artists who have been following that formula for some time; that’s part of the day-to-day at Spotify -- but I think it’s time for country music to contemplate the use of that.We can all agree we've already waited long enough for Bruno's new album, but it we have a little while longer yet.The Hawaiian singer was initially planning to release the collection back in March, but joining Coldplay and Beyoncé for the Super Bowl halftime show in February pushed everything back.

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Lo and behold, good old Pete was totally on the money, as Bruno Mars released his new single '24k Magic' on October 7.

Even in the mainstream pop world, it’s still the exception rather than the rule when an act like the Chainsmokers opts to release a whole series of singles before bothering to collect them on an album. "Putting out music as it's made, versus holding it until an album's finished, allows me to be more timely and maintain balance."Hunt has the hottest country song of the year, and possibly of his career, in "Body Like a Back Road," now in its ninth week at No. 6 on the Hot 100, a new peak.) That song was preceded on New Year’s Eve by a more personal track, "Drinkin' Too Much," that was written as a musical apology to his then-girlfriend, now-fiancée, with no intention of picking up radio airplay.

But if any Nashville act has the millennial base to emphasize digital immediacy and literally put singles before albums, it’s Sam Hunt, who confirms to that, for now, with no definite album release date in sight, he’s taking the a la carte approach."I try to make music that's relevant to my life and relatable to the culture I live in," Hunt tells in an email.

Make no mistake, whichever direction Arcade Fire’s next album takes, it’s unlikely to be understated.

Chances are their imminent fifth album will be one of 2017’s biggest, most talked about releases.