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If a client is nervous, take the time to answer his or her questions, and offer some explanations about your techniques.

Many clients feel more relaxed after some initial conversation and will lapse into a peaceful silence –which you should obviously avoid interrupting.

This could be a professional relationship (the person is your client) and a personal relationship (the person is a friend whom you like to meet for coffee), could be multiple professional relationships (the person is a client, and is a building contractor who did painting and repairs on your office).

Though not all dual relationships are automatically a problem, managing dual relationships is a professional skill and responsibility.

In the end, this is ONLY an article, and if you know nothing of these concepts or wish to know more it’s time to grab some books and take some classes.

First let me start by clarifying that I am not a psychology expert. I know enough about dual roles, boundaries, and the management of those to keep my clients, my students, and myself clear (most of the time) of the emotional and mental confusion, pain and destruction that can arise from unconscious engagement in multidimensional relationships.

I have come to realize through recent interactions with my fellow educators and many Massage Therapists that not all massage therapy schools teach the management of dual roles or dual relationships.

He immediately arched into a perfect yoga cobra position, pushing himself off the table with his arms, looked back at me, and said, “Why are you touching me there?! Another client, with severe shoulder girdle pain and abundant breast tissue, told me after she got off the table, “Well, no one ever massaged my breasts before, but I feel better.” I had not in fact massaged her breasts; I had performed detailed subclavicular work with one hand while gently holding her breast tissue out of the way with the other. Lessons Learned Don’t use anatomical terms if there is even the slightest possibility the client doesn’t understand; indicate with your hands where you intend to work.Counter-transference – The feelings that a therapist develops toward one’s client, and which may be similar to or parallel the relationship patterns experienced by the client or therapist with other people and in other settings.When these feelings are especially strong, misunderstood, or ignored, they may lead to problems in the professional and therapeutic relationship. Dual Relationship – When you have more than one type of relationship with the same individual.The following are absolutely true stories in which I goofed. As you start shaking your head and thinking you’d never make mistakes like this, understand that I’m a textbook author, I have a thriving private medical massage practice, and I have spoken nationwide on lymphatic, medical, and oncology massage.If I can make these mistakes, perhaps you can use the following as a road map to keep yourself out of trouble.We are vigilant (and rightfully so) when it comes to physical boundaries in massage therapy.