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I think, who likes communication that is essential in any relationship, harmony, non-violence of any kind, do not accept vulgarity, I am an animal lover and I I want a partner as an animal lover, too.

Dating a man who smokes pot

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I told him if he was going to still smoke that he CANNOT go behind my back, I will not tolerate lieing so he doesn't sneak around now but he still does it, hasn't cut down, now he is blaming having to smoke on the car accident he had a month ago, saying he is stressed.Everytime I try to talk to him about it, saying how's the cutting back going he just turns it to the subject of " I just wish the car would be fixed soon".I know how it feels to not wanna think about your problems. Thing is, I knew before we went out, and I foolishly thought that I could handle it, even though I did not like weed. But now just the thought of him being high, with his mind way up there in the clouds, and his perceptions and reactions being altered, makes me sad--it breaks my heart. Some days we cant hang out for days at a time, but he understands. I need some balanced input here so I can make an intelligent, informed decision not purely based off of emotions and what not. I am happy..just the weed thing that really gets to me and the last thing I wanna do is be without him..treats me soooo good and I dont know if there are other guys that will treat me as good as he does... Me and the other girl complained about the weather being so cold constantly and we were frozen. I stuck it out for him but after so long I was fed up.Dont laugh, but even thinking of him smoking makes me cry man! People say weed is a harmless drug, but why do any drug at all? He never makes me feel bad about it, never gets mad at me for it, and just tells me to rest. The studies on long-term marijuana use seem to contradict each other, from the little I know. The final straw was one night late I went over there. He ignored me and then after almost an hour they were going to start smoking. When we first started dating, a let him know that I didnt like weed, and I asked that he didnt do it around me or come around me high... In some cases they can make or break a relationship, depending on who you talk to.This week on Two Girls One Problem we talk about our personal experiences dating guys who may or may not of had a problem and how they ended up exes.We talked about having kids, but I’m not sure if he’s aware of the medical links between marijuana and his little friend in his pants.

I know he's not perfect, its just the whole pot thing kills me inside. He's come around me once when he was high, and the thing is, he didnt act too different.could still talk, he was a tad bit more touchy feely, but other than that, he didnt act too outrageous or anything.

For me, when im stressed or sad or ****, I blast some music to think and process what im feeling, or to not think about anything at all... Its kinda like takin' an Advil when you dont have a headache, why do it man? It causes me to be in ridiculous pain, exhausted all the time, and some days I cant get out of bed. I mean when we first got together, I though I knew without a doubt that I wanted kids, and lots of them, but now the thought of it freaks me out and I dont know I tell him? In the freezing cold while me and the other girl practically hold each other freezing.

Apparently only when he's stressed, but probably just for the hell of it sometimes too. At first I hated weed just cus I thought it was pointless for a lot of people, and I still do. (I think I wanna, but im to shy to say anything lol)6. We get along so well, never had an argument, though we dont agree on everything.8. On top of that, I've been questioning whether or not I want kids... Then they take us behind this school building like middle school hoodlums and proceed to skateboard.

It also didn’t help that ALL of Nick’s friends smoked or dealt. Apparently it felt better to him, because heaven forbid it’s just me that makes him feel good, nope, weed had to be added into the mix.

He was one of the only people that had a car amongst his friends, so whenever they wanted to smoke, they’d all hop in, roll the windows up and hot box his car. One of the things I really loved about Nick is that he wanted to be a dad.