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C progress bar not updating

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Example 2: Display the progress of nested For loops This command displays the progress of a command to find the string "bios" in the System event log.In the first line of the command, the Get-Event Log cmdlet gets the events in the System log and stores them in the $Events variable.In my example i start a backgroundthread, that do "exactly" nothing, but there you can do nearly everything (time-consuming operatings like counting grains of sand), but nothing for GUI. If you want to refresh/update an GUI-Element like the progressbar or lable, you can use the Report Progress - function with an value or you use the invoke-function for the control. There is also another possibility you can try with our peace of code (but it is also not the best solution).

On clients using the Aero theme, there exists a small lag between the actual value and what is displayed in the Win Forms Progress Bar control.Double click the button and fill in the click handler with the code provided. - one for the GUI - one for the worker in the worker-thread ( maybe you will use a backgroundwoker ) you will do your time-consuming action and "invoke" the progressbar/label to do your GUI-action. ) The point is the fact that I had to use a Refresh to see the text of the label getting updated.The rest of the code is just fill in to make it a little "interesting".It goes something like this: Browsing stack overflow, i have found posts like these - set Progress is no longer updating UIProgress View since i OS 5, implying in order for this to work, i need to run a separate thread.I would like to clarify this, do i really need separate thread for UIProgress View to work properly?I have started playing with UIProgress View in i OS5, but havent really had luck with it. I have set of sequential actions, after each i update progress.